Nova Scotia Health Financial Highlights

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Nova Scotia Health Expense Allocation 2022-23

Total Annual Expenditures: $3.083 billion

  • Compensation ($2.099 billion)
  • Utilities and plant maintenance ($180 million)
  • Medical and surgical supplies ($162 million)
  • Drugs ($182 million)
  • Clinical research ($46 million)
  • Other ($415 million)

COMPENSATION: Includes all salaries and benefits, and funds allocated for temporary staff.
UTILITIES and PLANT MAINTENANCE: Includes utilities such as fuel, electricity and natural gas, telephone, minor equipment purchases, rentals, various building and equipment maintenance and maintenance supplies.
MEDICAL and SURGICAL SUPPLIES: Includes a variety of medical and surgical supplies such as prosthetics, defibrillators, pacemakers, instruments, needles/gloves/dressings and supplies.
DRUGS: Includes general drugs, anti-infectives and anesthetic gases.
CLINICAL RESEARCH: Includes health innovation, research education and other designated programs.
OTHER: Includes patient care supporting costs such as general office supplies, food, IT, lab supplies, insurance, etc.