Nova Scotia Health By The Numbers 2022-23

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Our People

Employees (unionized and non-unionized): 27,140
*Licensed physicians in Nova Scotia: 2,976
   Physicians with a registered specialty (not family medicine): 1,815
   Physicians whose registered specialty is family medicine: 1,161
Medical residents in Nova Scotia*: 585
Medical students in Nova Scotia*: 400
Learners: 6,602
Volunteers: 1,466
Affiliate research scientists: 90
Patient/Family Advisors: 278

Our Resources

Annual Budget: $2.7+ billion

Our Places

Specialty Hospital: 1
Regional Hospitals: 9
Community and other locations (clinical, support and administrative): approximately 150

Foundations and Auxiliaries

Foundations: 41
Auxiliaries: 33
Funding from Foundations and Auxiliaries to buy capital assets: $14,011,340
Funding from Foundations and Auxiliaries for small equipment and programs: $5,333,002

Community Health Boards

Community Health Boards: 37
Number of wellness funds supported through community health boards: 288
Monetary value of wellness funds granted: $700,219.34

Care Delivery

Beds (staffed and in operation): 3,167 at time of report
Inpatient days: 1,126,552
Emergency visits: 552,985
Surgeries: 67,915
Births (at Nova Scotia Health facilities): 3,355
Outpatient visits: 3,553,969
Diagnostic imaging exams: 1,027,076
Virtual care appointments: 298,401
Patient encounters supported by language interpretation: 12,581

Mental Health and Addictions

Mental Health and Addictions Outpatient Services

Outpatient clients: 55,448
Outpatient appointments: 380,353
Face to face appointments: 215,551
Telephone appointments: 118,675
Virtual appointments: 43,154

Mental Health and Addictions Inpatient Services

Inpatient discharges: 4,301

Mental Health and Addictions Provincial Crisis Line

Interventions (calls + mobile interventions): 26,997

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Program

Attended visits: 29,941

Intake Services

Inbound calls: 27,586

Completed Intake appointments: 17,641

e-Mental Health Tools

Mindwell U total registrants: 5,445

Togetherall total registrations: 5,120

TAO (Therapy Assistance Online) total registrants: 1,815

Strongest Families Institute total users: 4,355

Tranquility total users: 1,384

Continuing Care

Number of home care clients (number of clients in fiscal year): 33,178
Number of admissions to long-term care facilities: 3,388

Primary Health Care

Number of primary care visits with a family physician or nurse practitioner (2021-22): 3,839,660*
*Note that the period to submit claims for FY 2022-23 has not yet ended and this value is likely an underestimate of the true number.
Number of people who found a primary care provider since November 2016 (as of Mar. 31, 2023): 247,376
Number of people registered with Need a Family Practice (as of Mar. 31, 2023): 142,262
Number of collaborative family practice teams in Nova Scotia: 96
Number of chronic disease management and wellness teams: 50

Cancer Care

Number of Nova Scotians who had colon cancer prevented - they had no warning signs; pre-cancers were found and removed as a result of the colon cancer home screening test: 1,163
Number of cancer patients cared for in a cancer centre or community cancer clinic:

  •    Community oncology clinics: 2,088
  •    Systemic Therapy: 3,735
  •    Hematologic Oncology: 5,667
  •    Gynecologic Oncology: 4,137
  •    Medical Day Unit (only malignant, Chimeric Antigen Receptor cell therapy, Chemotherapy and Transplant only): 561
  •    Psycho-social Oncology: 928
  •    Halifax Clinic: 9,230
  •    Sydney Clinic: 3,671
  •    Overall Halifax and Sydney Clinic: 12,774

Public Health

April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023:
# of Notifiable Disease Investigations by Public Health: 23,300

  •    Includes all notifiable diseases (incl. COVID)
  •    Includes all case classifications (e.g. confirmed, probable, etc.)

# of vaccine doses administered by Public Health as part of the school-based program:

  •    Tdap: 9,566
  •    Men-C-ACYW-135: 8,738
  •    Hepatitis B: 16,235
  •    HPV: 17,638

Research, Innovation and Discovery

Active clinical trials: 399
Active Health Canada regulated clinical trials: 235
Active non-regulated clinical trials: 164
Active industry-sponsored active studies: 186
Active research projects on Mar. 31, 2022: 1,202
New research projects initiated in 2021-22: 339
Research coordinators as of January 2023: 209
Research investigators at Nova Scotia Health: 599
Active research projects in major disciplines / therapeutic areas: 30
Largest source of research funding at NS Health: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR); 17.2% of 2022 research funding
2017-2022 NS Health CIHR Project Grant Scheme Competition average success rate: 28%
2017-2022 CIHR Project Grant Scheme Competition average national success rate: 16%
Translating Research Into Care internal awards, 2022-2023: 15
Translating Research Into Care total funds awarded, 2022-2023: $307,600.00
NS Health Research Fund awards, 2020-2022: 44
NS Health Research Fund total funds awarded, 2020-2022: $4,834,300.00

Nova Scotia Health Project Grant Awards (2017-22)(#) By CIHR Primary Associated Institute

Total: 18

  • Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction: 9
  • Circulatory and Respiratory Health: 4
  • Aging: 2
  • Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis: 2
  • Human Development, Child and Youth Health: 1

Companies evaluated in the innovation launchpad and interacting with the Innovation Hub: 298
Nursing Strategy Innovation Grants: 16
Network of Scholars: 30 scholars, 12 Health System Impact Fellows, 30+ academic and health system mentors Implementation Science initiatives: 65
Evaluation initiatives: 80
Leading or co-leading sprint or priority initiatives (virtual care, models of care): 33
Simulation learning sessions: 800+
Education bursary for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program: 89